Thoughts and ideas from Leonard tam
October 7, 2019 at 4:30 AM
by Leonard Tam

Innovative restaurant promotions can enhance customer-client relations and see a welcome return to your business. Creativity is the guide for endless variations.


This tried-and true-addition to the Friday schedule offers discounts on drinks and appetizers for the after-work crowd on Friday as they are ready to relax and begin the weekend. Some might stay for dinner, or even return with friends during the week after having a good experience.


People love bargains, but be advised not serve your most expensive plates, but lower cost items with pasta, chicken and low-cost beef can be a seller. With pleased customers, you may get orders for dessert and drinks.


Depending on the clientele, either wine or beer-tasting can be entertaining for an engaging night out. If you can use a sommelier and a prix fixe menu with the right pairing of wine, the evening can be enhanced in taste and quality. A similar evening could be one for artisans with beer. Make it special.


A prix fixe menu as a special for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or other special occasions can be an attraction for a night out. Take reservations for these occasions and avoid a rush.


Live entertainment, open mic-nights, and stand-up comedy have a great appeal. These may bring you a return crowd on both performance nights and regular nights.


Themed dinners can attract crowds. Depending on the situation, Hallowe’en, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas in the summer, or other special events can be fun for your patrons. You can build special menus around special events such as Independence Day in the States or Canada Day in Canada.


As a community member, you can participate in charitable works by donating a share of profits on one evening to a good cause, or host a dinner for a known charity group making a contract ahead of time for a win/win. Your personal presence will associate you with the community members. You are guaranteed to meet new potential customers.


A trivia night can be a draw especially in the mid-week or a sports season. Engage the customers in teams and offer prizes such as restaurant certificates, T-shirts or drinks.


Offering dinner specials on a ‘big game’ night can be a draw. Your sports-minded customers want to celebrate the excitement. You might create a pool over dinner with the fans.