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  • Late Tax Filing with CRA


    My office has been assisting indivduals, corporations and self-employed in unique and challenging tax problems for over 28 years. I understand everyone wants to follow the law and pay the least amount of taxes legally possible. But events in life happen, and returns are not filed on time... That is a fact.

    However, it can be corrected IMMEDIATELY! Take the worry and fear off your mind today. Let us help you without attitude, judgment, or guilt.

  • Tax Preparation and Strategies

    Are you doing tax planning once a year – after the fact? This is common as small business owners face time and communications constraints. As such, many tax-saving strategies available are missed, penalties on errors occur and poor decisions can be made.

  • Your Trusted CFO

    Running a business is more than just bookkeeping and paying bills. My practice is the team you need to create solid foundations. I pride myself to working with individuals and corporations by providing them 360 degree views on their business and how to make it more profitable, keep most of the money by lowering taxes and planning for your financial future. Your business is my investment.

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping for Small Businesses in Canada

    Do you often feel as though you are doing the government’s job? Payroll, WSIB, and HST remittances are among the many responsibilities you have as the owner. Running a business requires a full-time committment on YOUR business and not the government’s.

  • Starting a Business

    You have decided to start a business. Congratulations! Now what? You have many questions, forms to fill out, government agencies to register with, record-keeping to maintain. The questions pile up and you need answers. Let us help!

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Incorporation Setup for Real Estate Agents
Real Estate Agents: Why Incorporate?

If you’re a real estate agent in Canada, then you may want to think about incorporating. This can open up a world of tax savings and other benefits for your business. Our team will set everything up for you and prepare the required documentation.

Explore the benefits of incorporating as a real estate agent in Canada:

  • Major tax savings

    Whenever you get paid commissions as a self-employed agent, you have to pay a large percentage in taxes for the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). You cannot opt out of paying into this fund until you’re 65 years old.

    By incorporating, you’ll be able to limit CPP contributions based on the salary you receive from your corporation. This can significantly reduce your tax bill. Also, if you end up saving a large portion of your earnings as a corporation, then you can defer a percentage of the tax you would have paid as a self-employed taxpayer. Essentially, the tax payment would be deferred to whichever year you draw the funds.

  • Income-splitting for more tax benefits

    It’s common for real estate agents to have a spouse or relative helping out with day-to-day business tasks. In most cases, these family members fall into lower tax brackets than the real estate agent. If you pay them a salary from your corporation, then you can lower your tax burden even more.

  • Reduces your liability

    Another major benefit of incorporating as a real estate agent is that it reduces your liability in situations that do not involve malpractice. For instance, if you incorporate and later default on a loan, then your assets would be protected by the corporation. In this case, creditors could not seize your personal assets in order to recoup their portion of the defaulted loan.

  • Lifetime capital gains exemption

    If your realty business is increasing in value and you’re considering selling it in the future, then you should definitely think about incorporating. Here’s why: if you sell or transfer your shares of a Qualified Small Business Corporation (QSBC), then you may be eligible to shelter up to $883,384 of capital gains for the 2020 tax year through the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption (LCGE).

  • Boosts your brand and credibility

    In addition to providing enormous tax benefits, incorporating can also boost your overall credibility. This is because people perceive corporations as being more legitimate than unincorporated businesses. This can help you make lasting first impressions, whether working with vendors, clients, or new business associates.

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