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Leonard Tam Professional Corp. has been advising businesses and individuals in the Toronto area since 1990.
Let us be your trusted CFO.
The Small Business Tax People

Serving “owner-operated” business owners and their families since 1990

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    Focus on Customer Service

    Much of what we do starts with listening, being there for you in times of need and being proactive. It starts with returning phone calls.

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    In-Person Meetings

    The world is moving – Fast: So too is the rate of technological change. Regardless, we make the time to meet in-person.

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    Your Own CRA Agent

    Take the fear out of talking to the CRA and stay focused on your business. Have a dedicated representative between you and them.

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    Fixed, Predictable Fees

    Running a business is a very personal matter – we get it. Why put a time clock on such important matters? No time sheets here and no surprises.

What Makes Leonard Tam Different?
Our Focus on You!
Whether it be tax or business strategy, the core to successfully assisting you make decisions is understanding your business, personal and professional motivations, as well as the way you prefer to work.

After twenty-five years we still find that simply making ourselves available for face-to-face discussion and providing a highly responsive service team results in better outcomes for business owners, their families and employees.

What some recent clients say about their experience with Leonard tam

We might be biased. Take it from our clients.

Leonard Tam Professional Corp have supplied us with a great service - prompt, friendly and efficient. We'd have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Duru Jagtianey
Toronto, Canada

I have been a very satisfied client for nearly 20 years.

DL Lyons
Toronto, Canada

I have been with Leonard Tam Professional Corporation for many years. The professionalism, attentiveness and sound advice is unmatched. Thank you Leonard and your team.

Carmen Drouin
Toronto, Canada

I have used Leonard Tam's company for both corporate and personal taxes and I have been very happy with the results. I have trust in Derek and his team and have been pleased with the quick turn around times and bigger picture advice.

Kate Sanagan
Toronto, Canada

Besides everyone being helpful, warm and friendly I know I can call at any time and someone will help me. Also everyone is professional and up to date on all the tax rules. The best thing that happened to me when was when I was recommended to the Leonard Tam team. 

Sandra Barwin
Toronto, Canada

Exceptional communication, extremely professional and amazing service. When they met with me, they were very organized and efficient. We got down to the point and they completed all the work very quickly. I own several small businesses and their service has allowed my companies to grow. I can confidently offload my bookkeeping and they help keep me accountable. Great company to work with!

William Burgess
Toronto, Canada

Leonard and his team are so nice to work with. They answer all my questions in a timely manner and they make sure everything gets taken care of which allows me to sleep way better at night. I would highly recommend this accountant for small business to anyone looking for help!


Leonard is one of the most helpful, intelligent, and thoughtful small business accountants in the Toronto area. Owning two small businesses without a finance background has been extremely difficult, but I've been able to fully rely on him to help me. For anyone looking to get help with their small business I highly recommend giving him a call!

Leonard Ajay and Rahul let’s not forget the team of people that work at the office. I was looking for an accountant to help me with my small business and found Leonard Tam Accountant’s on Bayview. I couldn’t be happier, there are many things I didn’t understand and they took the time and were incredibly patient with me. Thanks so much for your on going support and would recommend this very professional team of people who are always helpful and friendly. Thanks again. Mair Ellis.

Mair Ellis

What We Do

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    Tax Preparation and Strategies

    Obtain advice when you need it: Not when the CRA dictates.

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    Late Tax Filing

    Get help without attitude, judgement or guilt!

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    Accounting & Bookkeeping

    Do what you do best: Let us do the rest!


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